What I do...

I sit and sew. I create layers of stitches onto fabric and found objects. I use only a simple stitch.

Whilst I sew I explore each moment of the process, from the threading of the needle, the tying of the knot, the feel of the fabric, the movement of the arm, all with a mindful curiosity and observation.

I encourage myself to become aware of any thought or emotion which comes, particularly those which bring discomfort. The act of creating a stitch is used as an anchor, so as to not get too carried away in thought and to keep reminding myself to pay attention in a particular way, as to observe not only the emotion, thought or feeling, but also my own reactions.

The work first began as a way to overcome my fears of being creative, due to my history with Anxiety, and I have now found that I am able to use these same techniques to help me express my thoughts, feelings and experiences on other subject matter.

My work has now evolved to not only become the direct outcome of my stitch making, but also used as a way to represent my opinions, to highlight observations or to explore new ideas and insights.

By sitting with the discomfort I allow myself to see what is there waiting to be explored, confronted and developed.

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