Stitched Thoughts

It began with feeling uncomfortable, and not knowing that discomfort had plenty to teach.

Uncontrollable physical sensations, unwanted hurtful thoughts, they drove to distraction, to numbing from emotion and hiding from the things that brought them.

Meditation helped, good nutrition, forming good habits, unloading the not so helpful habits. These all contributed to an increased strength, but they all began with first taking action. With taking action comes a lot of mistakes, and hopefully there are still many more to make, they are a great source of information and extremely useful for finding out what not to do and for figuring out what to do.

Taking action began small, with a simple stitch (that's a lie, it began with a line of black ink, but that will be told another time). A simple stitch, and then another, another, and then many more. The stitches had become something else. The stitches had become a vessel, a way to capture lessons and opinions within the context of art. The stitches had become a vehicle to reach certain goals and dreams that were wanting to be achieved. All this began by first finding the courage to take action, to sit with the discomfort, not to become attached to the unpleasantness, and to pay close attention to the changes that occurred.

So for now, sharing is on the agenda. To interact, to form relationships, forge friendships, learn from others, and most importantly, to pay close attention to what arises.

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